You Can Put God’s Word in Their Hands

Kenya-church-media-biblePeople in the remote, do not have money for Internet cafe fees or mobile minutes. They do not have knowledge of websites offering free Bible materials. Many do not have the ability to read to find them. Unlike people in developed nations, they lack the ability to obtain God’s Word for knowledge and instruction in their faith.

Now, because of the evolution in technology we can get it to them in a way that wasn’t possible just a few years ago.

We have collected the names of over 1500 audio recordings of Bibles or portions of the Bible in over 1200 languages for free download. This website directs you to the actual websites that hold the audio Bibles in the languages you need. We also provide instructions for copying them to mobiles and to other devices via Micro SD cards so that God’s Word can spread person to person.

We hope that you will you take the time to explore this site and use it to spread the Good News of the Gospel from His Word to the ends of the earth.